Latest News

  • Welcome to the brand new Crazy Charlie's Salsa's website. Take a look around and notice that we have added some new content to some of our pages. Also, our locations page has been updated so be sure to see if Crazy Charlie's Salsa is available near you. Enjoy!
  • We are proud to introduce a new product to Crazy Charlie's Salsa family. Try the new Crazy Charlie's Salsa Con Queso. Crazy Charlie’s Salsa Con Queso is a smooth and creamy mix of real aged cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and our all natural, award-winning Black Bean & Fire-Roasted Corn Salsa, all blended together for a great-tasting Southwestern style Queso.
  • We are now distributing our Zesty Chili Sauce in 24 oz jars. You can use our gourmet Chili Sauce as a stock to make an easy, quick, great-tasting Texas style chili that is also healthy for you by adding just one pound of meat and some beans, if desired. You can follow our recipe on the jar or create your own chili centered around our Chili Sauce.

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